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Who We Are

ARRASKAS Logistics is a licensed Freight Forwarding company in Nigeria. We are a reliable Nigeria logistic company that is establish on providing high quality and excellent Logistic service.

We understand that the problem facing many in need of our service is high cost and delay in receiving their goods; guess what? Our strategies have tackled these challenges. We are the cheapest and fastest logistic company is Nigeria.

We look forward to working with you.


What We Do

We Offer the following service efficiently: warehousing and distributions, freights services, Courier Service, customs clearance, Haulages, Project Cargo, moving service, via our well trained and experience staffs.We are customer based company; so, we offer a reliable and superior customer service. . We pay attention to our customers and we drive our service toward adding value their business and understand that their freights needs to be handled by an experienced and a reliable company.


Be rest assured that all our services are been handled by experts, so, expect nothing but the best from us.

Our staffs are professionals in the field of logistic services in Nigeria. They are expert in and experience in the services we offered

Reliable Customer services

Here at Arraskabs logistics, we offer reliable customer services. We pay attention to our customers and we drive our service toward adding value to their business all the time.

We offer all our services effectively and efficiently to meet our customers’ needs.

Flexible Payment Options

Arraskabs logistics offers flexible payment options on all our services. We also have different payment options like Paying with your card or direct transfer to us.

ARRASKABS Logistics Cash On Delivery Service guarantee secure payment for your goods upon delivery.

24/7 Customer support

We understand the value of attending to our customers, so, we have a running 24/7 support system- where our customer care representative will attend to all your requests and questions.
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