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At ARRASKABS, we understand that one of the problems facing E-commerce in Nigeria is Logistics companies not meeting up with the delivery time and also failing to deliver orders by customers. We come to solve this problem; we assure you of 100% delivery of all orders handle by us and we’ll meet up with delivery time. Our E-commerce solutions come with excellent customer service and reliability.

Our service is cost-effective and time-sensitive; we offer nothing but the best to our customers. We are ready to partner with you.


For time-sensitive shipments that require immediate pickup and delivery within the shortest possible time-frame, ARRASKABS Logistics Same Day Delivery Services is the perfect choice to use; it is fast, reliable, and easy to use.


. In order to boost sales and woo customers, adding payment on Delivery on your online store is one of the effective methods to use. ARRASKABS Logistic Cash On Delivery Service guarantee secure payment for your goods upon delivery.

We offer you a convenient payment method with Cash, card, or transfer. Payment is collected on behalf of the shipper from the receiver’s doorstep and remits directly to a bank account. Our Cash on Delivery service is available to all states in Nigeria.


ARRASKABS Logistics Next Day Delivery service isn’t just swift but also affordable. This service is perfect for SMEs looking to satisfy their customers and gain a competitive edge. Efficient and Express Delivery Services can boost sales expand your customer base beyond your businesses geo-location


ARRASKABS Logistic is ready to go extra miles to deliver your package; Our Logistics Remote Location delivery service can help you reach customers in rural or difficult to access locations. Our expert staff will surely give you 100% satisfaction.


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Logistics FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, yes, we have attractive and flexible payment system for all our customers.

We have deverent payments methods that includes Paystack, i.e, you will pay with your Debit Card or you can do direct bank transfer to us.

Of course, yes, we do. We handle both local and international household moves. You can contact us to learn more.

It is either at our offices or we deliver to anywhere you want.

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