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ARRASKABS Logistics offers you an efficient warehousing and distribution service. As you all know that our service is designed to add value to your business. No matter how long would you like your goods to be stored and the quantities, ARRASKABS LOGISTIC understands the movement of goods across suppliers, vendors, and customers. We have well-equipped warehouses to handle any scale of commercial storage needed.

ARRASKABS Logistics offers a variety of storage and distribution solutions through our experts that handle every aspect of your corporate logistics and also a network of local and regional warehouses. Also, our service is designed for you to get fair costs that meet the best service requirement.

Our experts provide high-level support for individual and corporate businesses that’s why we have build relationshipss with many leading organizations. They handle all the hard works professionally.

Either you are shipping directly to a consumer or directly to retail, ARRASKABS prove you a cost-saving warehouse solution

At ARRSAKABS, reliability and professionalism is our motto. We look forward to working with you. And you are assured of getting best service ever.

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Warehousing FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, yes, we have attractive and flexible payment system for all our customers.

We have deverent payments methods that includes Paystack, i.e, you will pay with your Debit Card or you can do direct bank transfer to us.

Of course, yes, we do. We handle both local and international household moves. You can contact us to learn more.

It is either at our offices or we deliver to anywhere you want.

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